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In Mindset Coaching

Is it time to have a career within the equine industry that you’ve always dreamt of?

The Mission 

To create a generation of Elite Mindset Coaches with the worlds first industry-leading accredited qualification.

This is the creation of global Equestrian Performance Coach, Sandie Robertson.

Sandie’s successful career spans  the globe. She has worked with clients and Olympic teams, GCTL, Europeans, and many more.

She’s helped riders from all levels achieve their dreams using her unique proven ‘Change Chain’ philosophy.

You may have even read her work in your favourite national and international magazines and publications.

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Sandie ran her successful company, Premium Hypnotherapy Training Limited for many years.  Where she trained Hypnotherapy to Diploma level, NLP and Life Coaching.

After running this company, she felt called to focus her attention purely on the equestrian community.

But a constantly full diary, highlighted a gap in the equestrian industry.

Now more than ever there is massive demand for mindset + performance support.  


Breeding Success

So having noticed the gap in  the industry, Sandie put her passion, proven techniques + training experience together to create the Elite Equestrian Mindset Coaching courses.

Now that space can be filled with highly trained, skilled, and qualified equestrian mindset professionals, she would be proud to pass clients to. 

Professionals who are ready to change the equestrian industry and lives for the good of all (and especially the horses)

Having completed one of our approved and accredited Equestrian Mindset Qualification courses, our students step out with confidence, ready to support performance, confidence & mental wellbeing in the equestrian community worldwide.


Imagine your clients saying things like…..

Meet Sandie

Being a rider and horse owner all of her life she couldn’t imagine another career path.

Until a showjumping accident changed her path forever…

With a background in mental and physical health, she’s been unlocking winning performances across the globe, obliterating anxieties, self-esteem, & confidence issues with her clients so they can get back to doing what they love.  

As founder of the Elite Equestrian Coaching Academy,  Sandie trains you with tools to support your coaching:

  • CBT,
  • NLP,
  • Coaching & Sports Psychology
  • & More…

So you as a graduate can practice as Elite Equestrian Mindset + Confidence Coach.

Sandie is extremely passionate about her standards of training & producing quality professional candidates whom she would be happy to refer her own clients to. 

Before turning her focus specifically to the equestrian community Sandie had great success as a mind coach with footballers, other athletes, & corporate organisations as a wellness coach.  

An elite coach gets exceptional results because they can see what can’t be seen and hear what hasn’t been said……



We help you develop skills to transform not just mindset… not just riding… you transform lives…  


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